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The symbolism of fingers

drawing on fingers


Various superstitions are linked to the fingers.
Let’s take a look at what each finger on our hands represents…

* The thumb was, among the Romans, devoted to Venus. He represented power. Up to the sky, it signaled an agreement, or represented life. On the other hand, pointed towards the ground, it did not announce anything good. It was a death signal. When the Roman emperors wished to sentence a gladiator to death, they pointed their thumbs down.
See the article : dreaming of the thumb.

thumb finger

* The index finger is Jupiter‘s finger. It is used to denounce someone. It therefore draws misfortune on the one pointed at … It is also nicknamed ‘the finger of poison’ or ‘the finger of the evil eye’. Associated with the little finger, it makes the horns to cast a bad spell..

pointing hand with index finger

* The middle finger is associated with Saturn. He is known to be the most evil finger of all time !! In addition to being malefic, he is also immodest and infamous … Indeed … Trained, he is perceived as the representation of the male sex ! Oops..

middle finger

*  The ring finger is the most precious of the fingers. It is indeed representative of the union, of the alliance, and would be endowed with a great power of healing
Did you know ? It is said that we place our alliance in the left hand because the veins of the left hand connect to the heart …

ring finger wedding

* The little finger is the finger of Mercury. The little one is associated with divination. « My little finger told me that … » it makes perfect sense!

little finger


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