New April Moon

Lune coeur

April 07, 2016 , the new moon in Aries lit up our nights. And this new moon was also a super moon !
What’s a super moon?
A super moon, in astronomy, is a full moon or a new moon that is at a minimal distance from the Earth’s satellite.

As you know, the moon has a great effect on us. These effects depend on many things: the distance from the moon to the earth, its phase, our receptivity to lunar energies, etc …
In this article, I’m going to explain the effects of the new super moon of April 07, 2016: for the best!

The new moons symbolize the beginning , the renewal . The new moon of April 2016, occurring in Aries (which is the first sign of the zodiac) , pushes us to take new measures. It encourages us to make difficult but necessary choices, to embark on those projects that we were too afraid to do in the past.

Starting a new project is scary, and that’s normal! Many of us are fearful and / or anxious about the unknown and the future. However, this new moon pushes us to challenge ourselves: since we will always be fearful of the unknown / the future, we will be embarking on something that is important to us, right? It is time to take the deep things in hand: do not renounce them anymore.

2016 is the perfect year to undertake the changes we have dreamed of. It is time to take control of our lives and to realize projects that are important to us and which, however, scare us.

new moon

The new moon in Aries announces the perfect time to make choices that will lead us to the new and the right direction: the one that is good for ourselves. Aries gives us confidence in our decision-making and encourages us to take directions that we feel are best for ourselves.

This is no longer the time to play the security card for fear of the future. It is time for all of us to open our hearts and minds to a better future for ourselves and this world: let’s jump head first into the life we ​​have always dreamed of. Let’s close our eyes, and let ourselves float amid our exciting new projects. Having faith in us and in life.

However, do not forget: this new moon will make the return to the cliff we jumped very difficult. Even if our leap into our future will lack courage or strength, we will have gone beyond our expectations. Let’s not be afraid anymore: we grow and evolve by giving ourselves a chance to be happy; it’s important . Everything will become very clear and limpid from the moment we jump into our new life.

It’s the best time of the year to start a new start: do not miss the train of happiness .

See you soon,

Lune oiseaux

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