Super Moon of November 14


Tonight we will see a magnificent show: the super moon! A brighter moon, « bigger » and closer will be presented under the veil of the Night. The last time this happened was in 1948 (January 26th). Be careful not to miss a good show, because the next will be in 2034!

What is the super moon?

The super moon is a phenomenon that happens very rarely. It corresponds to the moment when the Moon in the elliptical orbit is closer to the Earth. The Moon will therefore appear brighter, bigger and more beautiful than usual!

The super moon and her super powers

The super moon will enlighten you particularly in your choices. It will allow you to see « lighter » and guide you if you find yourself in a wobbly situation or in a dilemma. This Super Moon will be in Taurus: nothing better to make you go! You will be pushed to find comfort with your friends, your family, your partner. The sure values ​​reassure you!


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