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Precious stones and months of the year

pierres précieuses

Flavius Josephe builds (in the first century) a match between months of the year and zodiacal gems . He affirmed that every individual should be sensitive to the stone that was ruling are months of birth.

The Romans used to carry the twelve stones successively during the year.

Precious stones and months of the year

According to Anglo-Saxon traditions.

January is garnet. January is constancy and fidelity.
February at the amethyst. The month of February represents peace of heart and sincerity.
March is blood. The month of March represents courage and presence of mind.
The month of April is linked to the diamond. The month of April represents purity and innocence.
May is represented by the emerald. May represents success, happiness in love and hope.
The June self is the agate. June is health and longevity.
July is associated with rubies and carnelian. The month of July represents courage and satisfaction (ruby) and contentment of the spirit (carnelian).
August is represented by onyx. The month of August represents fidelity.
The month of September is sapphire and chrysolite. The month of September represents wisdom (sapphire). The chrysolite, worn in September, is the antidote for melancholy and depression.
October is linked to opal. The month of October represents hope and kindness.
November is represented by topaz. The month of November represents cheerfulness.
December is linked to turquoise. December is prosperity and generosity.

According to Russian traditions.

The month of January corresponds to the almontine.
The month of February corresponds to the amethyst, which will protect the wearer from violent passions.
The month of March corresponds to the jasper. It will protect its carrier from perilous companies.
April is sapphire.
May is the emerald.
June is Chalcedony.
July is ruby ​​. He will protect his wearer from the sorrows of love or friendship.
August is sardoine. He will bring to his bearer conjugal bliss.
The month of September corresponds to the chrysolite and will protect the wearer from various inconveniences.
October is aquamarine.
November is topaz.
December is chrysoprase.

You now know which stone to wear according to the month of the year!



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