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Precious stones, planets and astrological signs

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According to some very ancient traditions, each gem corresponds to a planet and astrological sign.

Precious stones and planets

According to Denis Derriad , here are the correspondences between the precious stones, the planets and the astro signs.

Aries – Amethyst – Mars
Bull – Agate – Venus
Gemini – Beryl – Mercury
Cancer – Emerald – Moon
Lion – Ruby – Sun
Virgin – Jasper – Mercury
Balance – Diamond – Venus
Scorpion – Topaz – March
Sagittarius – Garnet – Jupiter
Capricorn – Onyx , Chalcedony – Saturn
Aquarius – Sapphire , Black Pearl – Saturn
Fish – Chrysolite , Coral – Jupiter

For some people, these correspondences are so important that they think that if you buy a gem just for its beauty, it’s bad luck .


Also, when you receive a gem as a gift, it is necessary to purify the stone before wearing it (see the following article: how to purify your stones? ).

Eastern Traditions and Precious Stones

According to oriental traditions, each day corresponds to a particular gemstone. During this day, the occult powers of the stone are the most active.

The stone of Monday is the Moonstone.
The stone of Tuesday is hyacinth.
The stone of Wednesday is the emerald.
The stone of Thursday is the cat’s eye.
The stone of Friday is the diamond.
The stone of Saturday is the sapphire.
The stone of Sunday is the ruby.

You now know which stones to wear depending on the day of the week!
Good day to all and thank you for reading me.



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