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Oniromancy Laws

Oniromancy Laws

The oneiromancy.

Everyone has already wondered what his dream meant. Some prefer psychoanalysis sessions in order to understand the messages left by their unconscious, others opt for oneiromancy.

To find out what oniromancy is, I invite you to read the following article: oniromancie.

In this article, we are going to explain some laws of dream-reading, which can help you interpret your dreams.

First: the level of importance of the dream state image

* What is a level of importance?
The level of importance can be compared to the number of times you saw the same image in a dream, the time that this image remained, its context as well as the feelings you had towards this image, which was still present or not.
* Let’s take an example : if you dream about spider. It comes up several times in your dream but does not scare you at all. It is even pleasant to see and feel.
Be aware that the spider can represent fear, but also femininity.
Since you are not afraid of it, it means that you fully accept your part of femininity. Since it has been in your dream for a long time, and / or is one of the ‘main actors’, it represents the very large share of femininity in you, or the many questions that revolve around femininity that you are asking yourself at the moment.
* If, on the contrary, the spider has remained in your dream for a long time and had greatly frightened you, this means that your part of femininity is not yet fully accepted. Or, that femininity in general or even a woman of power scares you right now.
* If you dreamed of a spider but it was only a fraction of a second and it was mixed with all kinds of other dream images, its impact and therefore its meaning is less important. Maybe it just means you’ve thought about femininity for a fraction of a second.

Do you follow me ?

Secondly, be sure to date your dream

It is important to know what the dream images and symbols correspond to. It is also interesting to know how to date the events that will occur, and to know how long they will last.
* If you dream of an animal, refer to its gestation time. This will correspond to the duration of the omen.
* If you dream of a plant, refer to its growing time.
Be aware that trees, unless they are young shoots, represent a distant event to come.

* If for example, you dream about monkey, know that it is an omen a poor caring, mischievous person, who will enter your entourage. To know when this prediction will arrive, refer to the gestation time of the affected monkey: if it is a baboon, its gestation time is 187 days. You will therefore normally have 187 days of tranquility before you see a deceitful person appear in your life.

Troisièmement, méfiez-vous de l’inversion

In dreams, it is common for the situation we dream of to presage the opposite.
* For example, if you dream of being wealthy, it may be a sign of future misfortune or poverty.
* If you dream of committing suicide, it means a new phase in your life, a renewal, the birth of a part of your Self.

  • Also, take care to differentiate well what is unfavorable or favorable to you in a dream..

* Generally, what is related to nature is favorable.
* What is unnatural or monstrous is unfavorable.

  • Pay attention to colors and numbers.

* Often colors can completely change the meaning of a message.
For example, if you Dream about wolf, and that the wolf is white, it represents seduction and sweetness. If it’s black, it represents danger.  See also: the secret of colors.

* The numbers speak volumes too. Imagine that you dream of a calendar and that it tells you a date. This is very important, remember it. For more details, click on dreaming about calendar. Time is also essential. Click on dreaming of clock.

Oniromancy dreams Laws

You are now ready to dissect your dreams with good bases! I strongly advise you to keep a small dream notebook in order to protect yourself from the tricks that your memory can play on you. It is also a very good relaxation exercise!
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