The secret of colors


What’s more happy than colors?

In addition to making happy, colors are true treasures of codes and symbols. Each of them has a special meaning and a vibration of its own. They exert a considerable influence in our lives to all, and since we are comfortably lodged in the belly of our mother …

Later, we will notice that certain colors provoke in us well-being, joy, a feeling of peace, hunger, etc… It is besides why some companies choose their colors in function of what they want to stimulate in customers. Green for well-being, blue for confidence, orange or yellow for appetite …

Colors over time

Color is universal: geographically, cosmologically, psychologically, mystically, and at all levels of being and knowledge.

The oldest civilizations have associated each color with a very particular meaning.
The hieroglyphs of the Egyptians were full of meaning. The scenic performances of the Greeks and Romans also.

Did you know? A long time ago in Rome, selling a piece of purple was punishable by death sentence!

Each color was associated with a political or religious concept. Wanting to change or alter this association was considered a crime of apostasy or rebellion.

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Meaning of colors

Here are the emblems of the most common colors:

Amaranth represents indifference, immortality and constancy.
White represents good faith, purity, joy, innocence, freedom, candor, modesty.
White mixed with rose represents praise.
Blue represents love, faithfulness, purity of feelings, elevation of soul, wisdom, piety.
Brown represents humility.
Dark brown represents deep pain.
Gray represents tempered pain, melancholy, constant love and courage.
Yellow represents wealth, nobility, splendor and glory.
Pale yellow represents infidelity.
Lilac represents friendship and pure love.
Black represents mourning, sadness, darkness and death.
Gold represents magnificence and power.
Orange represents the love of glory and passion.
Purple represents the supreme power.
The rose represents tenderness, changing love, youth.
The red represents cruelty, anger, fire, modesty, love, ardor, zeal.
Green represents hope, affection, youth.
Purple stands for constancy and penance.

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Colors, virtues and qualities

Did you know that colors were associated with virtues and vices? Well yes ! Here is the list. So, does your favorite color reflect your personality?

The Red
Virtue: strength, courage, generosity, charity.
Vices: pride, cruelty, anger.

The White
Virtues: purity, chastity, hope, eternity, justice.
Vices: death, despair, ambiguity.

Virtues: wealth, nobility, faith.
Vices: falseness, felony, avarice, envy, betrayal, laziness.

Virtues: loyalty, justice, wisdom, science, firmness, faithful love.
Vices: stupidity, bastardy.

The Green
Virtues: beauty, youth, vigor.
Vices: disorder, madness, unfaithful love, greed.

The Black
Virtues: humility, patience, temperance, penance.
Vices: despair, mourning, death.

Virtue: caution, temperance.
Vices: sadness, ambiguity, greed.

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Colors and planets

In addition to being associated with vices and virtues, colors are also associated with planets (and zodiac signs) according to certain traditions.

Aries – Mars: Red.
Bull – Venus: Green.
Gemini – Mercury: Pearl gray or Yellow.
Cancer – Moon: White.
Lion – Sun: Yellow.
Virgo – Mercury: Gray and Brown.
Libra – Venus: Pink, Blue and Green.
Scorpio – Mars: Purple, Red, Frankish Green.
Sagittarius – Jupiter: Blue, Violet.
Capricorn – Saturn: Black and Brown.
Aquarius – Saturn: Black and Almond.
Fish – Jupiter: Blue and Green-blue.



Source : the book of superstitions by Eloise Mozzani.

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