Coffee reading: How to prepare your coffee


How to read in coffee?

Turkish coffee. This recipe imported from Yemen has been shared and transmitted by the harems. The women were looking for answers from the cafedomanciens because they were preoccupied by the rivalry and permanent suspicions between them. They wanted to find insurance for themselves and their offspring.

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Here is a preparation to follow to read in the cafe, to which are always faithful the Turks. Recipe for one person.

  • Ingredients: 

3/4 of a cup of water. Two teaspoons of coffee powder (Turkish coffee, very fine molding).

  • Preparation.

* Pour the water into a jezve. * Add the coffee. * Heat until slightly bubbling. * Remove from the fire. * Remove the scum with a spoon that you pour into the cup. * Return the liquid to the boil again, then from the first broths, remove immediately from the heat. * Repeat the process several times, until filling the cup. * So that your coffee is less cooked, you can remove it from the fire from the first bouillons.

  • Tasting.

Let the coffee rest so that the marc is deposited in the bottom of the cup. And finally, enjoy! Drink the coffee entirely. He may be a bit bitter. Leave a light fillet of coffee before reading in the cup.

  • Accessories.

It is best to have a small plain white cup to see the details of the shapes and symbols of the coffee grounds.

And now, you just have to let yourself go rocked

by the sweetness of coffee and the friendliness of this moment shared between the consultant and you.

Open your mind and make your predictions!

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