Creating an altar to meditate


Creating an altar to meditate.

A personal altar allows us to have a focal point for meditation. Creating it yourself is a godly act. By creating this altar, we also create a contemplative mental frame, a Zen atmosphere that allows us to meditate quietly. We can also have offerings so that our altar acts as a conduit between the spirit world and the earthly world.

Where do we place our altar?

It is best to place your altar in a room quiet, apart. Thus, meditation can be done without being disturbed. You can also place in the wild, if you have a garden, or outside, if you have a balcony or a terrace for example. The best is to place it at home, because if we place it too far, it can be used by other people and thus scramble the waves, or it can be destroyed.


How to make your altar?

An altar can be created on a coffee table, on a shelf, in a corner, on a desk, on a mantelpiece, etc … The important thing is that it must never be discarded once used. The goal being to give a place to his altar and to consider this place as important and definitive. Thus, the altar will have a place in our habitat, and meditation will have a place in our heart and in our habits.
Install a small chair or pillow in front of your altar to sit comfortably in front of you.
You can cover your altar with fabric, flower petals, stones, etc. Do not forget to clean the surface of your altar before placing anything on it above !

Why do we have to place offerings?

On your altar, you can place offerings at Divine or your own spiritual potential for understanding karma. It varies according to your beliefs. The offerings must be beautiful, pure and have, in your opinion, a particular spiritual significance. Karma is part of the Buddhist tradition, so it is appropriate to place a statue of Buddha or his effigy on your altar. If your beliefs are different, do not hesitate to have, instead of Buddha, a statue and / or symbol that corresponds to your religion and / or beliefs. See in this statue an image allowing you to connect with your spiritual faith.


What are the best offerings for your altar?

The offerings can be candles, incense, a bowl of water, fresh flowers, precious stones, shells, etc. Every time you meditate, place an offering on your altar. You can place them around the central picture.


An image representing karma can be placed to the altar. This will remind us that each of our actions has consequences.

Dice represent free will.

1798865522_1 The waves in the water represent the consequences of our actions.




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