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Empaths, also known as sponges, are very sensitive people who absorb the emotions of people around them. As an empath, I know how pleasant it is to share the joy or euphoria of someone sitting next to me, but also how painful it is to absorb the deep sadness or anger of an individual.

So I decided to give some techniques to my dear friends empathes, in order to make their lives of sponges softer and their moods more stable!

Do you know yourself


Temet Nosce – know yourself – engraved at the entrance of the temple of Delphi, gives us a very precious key. This Socratic key word assigns the man the duty to become aware of his own measure without trying to compete with the Gods. Plato defines Temet Nosce as health of mind, our ability to distinguish what we know from what we do not know.

I wish you to know yourself, to know and understand your limits, to know how much time and how much you can absorb this or that emotion, to make sure you do not run out. See your gauge of emotion as a well: if it is too full, it will overflow. If it is too empty, it will dry up. You have to find the middle ground: do not dry up: keep your strength. Do not drown in a flood of unstable and uncontrollable emotion: control yourself.

Knowing one’s limits means knowing how to say no to negative emotions when they are too intense, and knowing where to find positive emotions and how to absorb them when you feel uncomfortable. This task is the first to be done to feel good about yourself, but is not the easiest. You must learn to say no to toxic people, to protect yourself, to interact in a crowd by choosing the right people to help you and to – perhaps – frustrate you.

Take stock of your emotions at the beginning and end of the day


When you wake up, analyze your emotions . Are you Are you sad ? Are you tired, motivated, euphoric, melancholy? If the emotions you feel are positive and boost you, bingo, you have nothing to do! If, on the contrary, they make you feel bad, take a few minutes to meditate and readjust your mood. A cheerful music, a good breakfast, a nice outfit in which you feel delighted and hop, this is a day that starts off right. Concentrate all day to keep your morale above zero and self-motivate. Life is too short to be walked on by the emotions that cast us!

At the end of the day (before the evening meal, to avoid the blues before sleeping) , focus again on your emotions . How are you feeling now? Is there a relationship with a person you met, whom you talked to, whom you saw during the day? Make up for things and get rid of emotions that are not yours .
For example: A girlfriend called you to tell you about her love affair and since then you have felt very sad. Immediately erase that feeling in you, understand that it’s its problem and not yours. It’s rough enough, but you can not carry the weight of the world. You have listened to it, surely supported, you have even worn all day his bag of sadness. It’s time to get rid of it.

Build a nice solid bubble


I’ve already talked about this little bubble . Let’s make a quick point: after cleaning up your negative emotions from your heart, take a few minutes to build a bubble around you (using your imagination, your mind, your hands, whatever!) < /em>. This bubble is an energy shield . Concentrate all the positive force within you in this shield and make sure that there is no angle of attack, no leak, no hole. In this way, the negative energies of others will reach you much less than usual.

Invest yourself … But one thing at a time


Empaths are getting too , and everywhere . An advertisement showing poverty or war affects you, revolts you. A fight in the street puts you in the blues. A poorly-behaved colleague worries you. That’s fine, you have a good heart, but there is a catch: all the attention you give to these worries (which are NOT yours!) cause parasitic thoughts that block yours, and blurring your real needs. So, here’s a bit of a paradoxical advice, but do not worry, you’ll understand: be selfish, but invest yourself .

Let me explain: be selfish, think of yourself and do not invest too much in the lives of others, or in what they might feel. A fight in the street? If it does not turn sour (otherwise you obviously have to ask for help) , force yourself to stop thinking about it. Or at least, to be neutral. After all, you do not even know the story of this quarrel, so, by what right could you make a judgment? You help a person in need, that’s fine, but do not think about it all week either. Once your B.A. is completed, relax: it’s vital.
At the same time, find an environment in which you want to invest, a cause you want to fight for. The empaths are full of good will and often defend the widow and the orphan. Find an association, an organization that connects you and invest in it. This will allow you to regulate your empathy, to have well-defined schedules in which you will be thoroughly and this will teach you to differentiate the moments in which you have to end up alone.e moments where you must give the best of yourself for the others.

Do not overload yourself, go slow at first. See if this last exercise is good for you, and if your exacerbated empathy is better controlled since your investment.

I hope that these tips could help you unless you exhaust yourself and especially, to regulate your empathy.
Take care of yourself,


« Intelligent selfishness would lead man to the highest virtues« .
Alfred Capus.

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