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Little morning tricks

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Hello Hello ! I hope you all go very well ūüôā

Today little point on the good habits to adopt early in the morning (hey yes!) . Following these tips will make a day of good mood punctuated by our positive energies . It will also protect us from the negativity we may encounter around us.

All beautiful all clean


When you wake up, do not hesitate to open your shutters and ventilate your home . This will bring a fresh air to your home and let out the various energies that have accompanied you all night. (It is even more important to follow this advice if you have had nightmares in the night). If you have a dreamcatcher, know that bathing in light early in the morning helps to ‘ kill ‘ the nightmares captured in his nets.

Candle and incense: the indispensable twins


If you have an altar , it’s a good idea to spend some time with him early in the morning. Burn a white candle and a stick of incense and take a few minutes to thank life, Gods, God, yourself … According to your beliefs!
If you do not have an altar , that does not stop you from burning a (or more) candle and incense stick ( purifier if possible) to start the day well. Spiritually , the white candle will bring you its Light and, according to your beliefs, know that you can light a white candle to bring the Light to the dead .
Incense will take care of purify your habitat: very good reflex in the morning!
See also article: properties of incense.

If you have Palo Santo, do not hesitate to burn a little bit in the morning. Its purifying virtues are the same as the incense, but more powerful!

Think positive


Why wait for the middle of the day to think positive? Let’s start in the morning!
Thinking positive in the morning will put you in a positive spiral from your first minutes of awakening . And as you know, positive thoughts attract the positive!

To learn all about the power of thoughts, visit: the power of thoughts .

Project yourself


As I know you, I know that you have many projects to achieve, and a multitude of dreams to accomplish! Nothing like that, so that your projects and your dreams are born, that to project . This method was used by the older ones and will only take a few minutes of your day.

What is projection?
It’s about imagining yourself in the future :
* Making all the projects you want,
* Fulfilling your dearest dreams,
* After having realized all your projects and all your dreams.

I advise you to use this method before sleeping too ūüôā (or before bedtime, according to your preferences).

Vacuum to fill oneself up


Take a few minutes to empty yourself of all your negative energies. The methods are many, but in my opinion, they are mostly personal . Find the one that’s right for you and apply it.

Mademoiselle bubble


The bubble: the best friend of sponges (sponges, or more commonly known as empaths ). Many of us are in the following situation: like a sponge, we absorb the negative and / or positive energies of people around us. If you are part of the empathic community , here is some valuable advice for protecting yourself.

Imagine a protective bubble around you . Thanks to it, no negative energy can be absorbed by you. However, it will not prevent you from acting with your heart, talking with your heart or sharing positive and happy moments with those around you. It will be like a shield to protect you in case of ‘danger’: in case of imminent attack of negative energies, what!

Lumos Maxima !


Imagine, above your head, a pure white light that spreads all around your body. This will significantly brighten your aura and increase your vibratory frequency. Little by little, you will see that heavy and negative thoughts will be replaced by light and positive thoughts.

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