The four levels of attention in meditation


Meditate, meditate … Yes, but why?

We meditate to achieve many goals: to calm, to relax, to take a step back, to be happier, to become aware of the world around us, to heal our physical and mental ailments, to breathe …

The goal of meditation is to achieve the perfect attention .

Obviously, it is necessary to practice meditation several times (often years) to achieve this goal.
Here are four main steps through which, as a practitioner, we must pass to achieve the perfect attention.
The first step is called deliberate attention. We must force our mind to be attentive by using a medium.

The second step is effortless attention: our mind must remain stable without the help of a support. If our attention is scattered, it is necessary to return to step 1 and the use of the support.

The third step is genuine attention. Our mind, at this stage, stabilizes almost instantly. From the beginning of the meditation, we come to find the stability of our mind without special efforts. Our mind is accustomed to entering meditation and has practically found its balance. We are almost there ! More than a step and we have reached the goal of the perfect attention

The fourth step is the ultimate attention. The name is as impressive as the benefits generated by the passage of this stage. This is the ultimate degree of attention, hey! Our mind is simply stable in all circumstances, zen. We are in a constant state of meditation, even while we sleep.


As the stages progress, our dreams change and become deeper and deeper, figuratively speaking. Our third eye is working, our mind is growing, we are thinking, we are meditating more and more. It ricochets on our way of life and thought. The goal of meditation is to stabilize our mind in order to achieve the perfect attention. In achieving this goal, we have also achieved others:
* We found our balance.
* We faced our fears.
* We relativize.
* We do not react any faster, we control ourselves.
* We accepted ourselves.
* We accept others.

And many others…

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