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edelweiss superstition

Edelweiss is a lucky flower. It is found in the Alps and the Pyrenees.

His name means noble whiteness.

  • Legend.

The edelweiss was born from a lambswool flake, fallen from the Virgin’s distaff. She fell asleep while spinning and this made it possible to give birth to this magic flower.

  • virtues.

* Its virtues are numerous. Wearing it would be undetectable by evil spirits which brings misfortune to men. This only works if the wearer wishes to do good around him!

* Having an Edelweiss foot on you would allow you to deflect knives or bullets.

For this to work, you must dig up this foot on a full moon night, and wrap your foot in a white cloth trampled beforehand by a donkey or an ox.

edelweiss flower superstition

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