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Lavender: protective and benefactor

Hum, the sweet smell of lavender … It delights the hearts and reminds us of the beauty of sunny days. Did you know that she has always been associated with romantic relationships ?

Love and lavender


Let’s go back to the days of Antiquity . Roman prostitutes used to smear the body with lavender oil so that their smell bewitched their customers. Also, the Romans were not allowed to drink wine. It was forbidden to them by men! So when the men went about their business and moved away from the field of vision of the Romans, they seized the key of the cellar and stole some glasses of wine. So that their breath does not put the flea in the ears of men, the Romans chew lavender flowers to mask the smell of alcohol in their throat. Their husbands only found that their wives were in an excellent mood these days!

Men too had understood the power of lavender. It is not for nothing that Casanova took care of storing lavender flowers near his letterhead: this process had the effect of putting the recipients in trance!
Mussolini was perfumed with lavender to seduce women.

In Italy , lavender is said to protect children from bad eye .

It is said that if lavender grows in your garden in abundance, it means that you will live very old.

Also, if a man eats lavender flowers in a vineyard abandoned for at least twenty years will see ghosts

Magic recipes with lavender


Do you feel alone or poorly accompanied? Wear a sachet of lavender on you. It attracts love and helps to enhance loving wishes.
Conversely, you can wear rosemary mixed with lavender: this promotes chastity.
Did you know? At the beginning of the 16th century, Saint Angèle de Mérici, founder of the Order of the Ursulines, ordered the girls to be sent to her convent for misconduct, this secret mixture in order to make them stay chaste.

Do you want to purify your habitat? Make lavender flowers burn. She will purify the place and bring peace.

Do you wish to make prophetic dreams? Massage your forehead and temples with lavender before falling asleep.

Some wives slip lavender into their clothes to stay safe from the beatings and violence of their husbands. The women of Kabylie add a prayer to this action. Here it is: « Hi, oh lavender, men, these dogs, you have been called Lavender, I call you the boss Vizier, you love me, make my husband beat me no, nothing can happen to me, that he can not even approach me or touch me, the son and grandson of a pig! « 

Grandma’s hints

Do you suffer from restless sleep? Perfume your bedroom with lavender essential oils or burn lavender flowers indoors. These fumigations will provide a deep and restful sleep. You can also place lavender under your pillow: this will help you sleep better and can also cure a migraine !



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