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How to differentiate the voice from our intuition and the voice of our guides?


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I read the book «  Develop your psychic and spiritual faculties  » Serge Boutboul ( that I strongly advise ), and I want to share with you a small part about the voice of our intuition and the voice of our guides.

According to him, here is how to differentiate these two little voices that saves us ( often ) life when we pay attention.

The voice of our intuition

Intuition 2

L’intuition arrive souvent pour répondre à une de nos interrogations. Nous la recevons par l’intermédiaire de notre chakra coronal.

chakra coronal
The sentences created by our minds will be dense and the answers we receive from them will be oriented towards the past , towards the future but not in the present .
* Why?

Because these answers will be caused by our fear of not anticipating ( future ), or by our fear of having forgotten something ( past ).
It is necessary to keep in mind that our mind is analytical and constantly seeks to justify things. If the little voice we hear is close to our thought, then we can be certain that it is the voice of our intuition. Our intuition helps us to anticipate our future actions.

According to Serge Boutboul, we receive more messages through our intuition than messages from our spiritual guides. Indeed: our mind is constantly with us, so it is always available to send us a message.


The voice of our guides


The voice of our guides can be seen by our physical ears or through our throat chakra .

chakra de la gorge
The tone of voice may be exactly the same as our mind, however, the vibratory level of the message received will be higher than the mind.
(For information: the mind is at the brain level, named the Beta state ).

Unlike our spirit, which is constantly with us, our guides go about their business. They come down to us only when we need answers demanding their presence.
Their answers will be friendly and loving. The dialogue that will take place will be made of love and genuine friendship, which will be felt in the messages delivered.

Guide 2

Although our guides are not always with us, know that they are not indifferent to what happens to us. They express to us, according to Serge Boutboul, a lot of patience and love.

guide spirituel 2


Source : « Develop your psychic and spiritual faculties » by Serge Boutboul.

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