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The magic virtues of lily of the valley


Lily of the valley, also called « lily of the deep valleys », has unsuspected powers. See instead:

For the head …

Lily of the valley strengthens memory and intellectual faculties. If you are focused on creative work or absorbed by an intellectual task, surround yourself with fresh lily of the valley or burn incense sticks with lily of the valley. This will help you broaden your vision, boost your creativity and make your memory work.

For the body …

To make corns disappear, just put in your pocket as many lily of the valley roots as you have horns.

For the heart …

Lily of the valley can be used as a romantic charm.
For a man and a woman to fall in love, offer them a bouquet in the middle of which you will place lily of the valley flowers. They will fall irresistibly in love with each other!

The lily of the valley tea consolidates weak hearts.

Did you know? Offer lily of the valley or get it on May 1st lucky . But never offer it before this date: it’s evil!

According to a German tradition , a white lady stands near the feet of lily of the valley to prevent people from picking flowers. Brrrrh!


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