Superstitions and beliefs

Protection by gems or precious stones

Protection by gems or precious stones.

Using gems or shiny stones is great for blinding the evil eye. Metals that can reflect its reflection are also very useful because they perform a ‘mirror effect‘.

  • Useful gemstones :

Tiger eye: reflects negative energies and sends them back to its transmitter.

eye of tiger stone

Nazar Boncuk is a blue glass paste eye that stops and deflects bad luck.

Nazar Boncuk

  • What is a gem ?

A gem is a fine, precious or ornamental stone.

It is very hard and colorful material..

To deserve the designation ‘gem’, the material must be attractive, in particular by its color. It must be strong enough to survive various manipulations without being scratched or damaged..

It is basically a rough stone torn from the ground by a miner. It is very often cut by the lapidary and finished mounted on a ring, earring, or other..

It can be natural, processed or artificially made.


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