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Do you have a high vibratory frequency?


Do you have a high vibratory frequency?

Our current society, which privileges having it to be, abounds with some people having a feeling, a vision of things and life very different from this model. Having a high vibratory frequency, they feel like fish out of the water, or at least, swimming against the current.

The omnipresent information, the constantly stagnating pressure, the imposed need to have more and more, the sensation of lack induced by advertising among other things make people forget that they are above all spiritual beings, connected to each other, with nature and the entire universe.

Here are some signs that appear when you are a high vibratory frequency.

The illusion of time-related feeling

When you think of the past or the future, the sensation of illusion settles automatically. It’s as if the past never really existed and the future does not exist. You are inked in the moment and are aware of the power of it. You shape your future from the present moment, you do not wait for the future to come to you.


Old memories are surfacing

Be careful not to confuse the spiritual awakening with a good, happy and ecstatic experience of enlightenment.
During the spiritual awakening, certain repressed emotions can resurface: they then cause deep sadness or intense pain. You feel immediately beholden to those who have been harmed and / or guilty. Light without ego can shock and leave a real feeling of unease. Relax, and remember to choose love over fear. Be gentle and understanding with yourself. This feeling of uneasiness felt during the realization, spiritual awakening is a natural phase of the shedding process.

Mystical experiences

If you have undergone a recent spiritual transformation, you will witness a mystical event related to nature, animals, other people, yourself. The feelings of déjà vu will multiply, the feeling that what you are living is actually a memory … You can also experience premonitory dreams.


Material gains do not interest you

Obtaining a particular property does not make you vibrate. Working to be rich, shopping and getting the most gains is not your way of life. You favor good times with family, friends, or even with strangers.


You are synchronized with nature and time

After your spiritual awakening, you can feel synchronized with nature and time. This can happen innocently: you always look at the clock at 11:11, or 12:12, or 12:34 … You think of a person with whom you have not spoken for a long time and she calls you in the day, you think of music in a restaurant and it’s played a few minutes later …

You do not feel ‘at home’ on the planet Earth

As your vibratory frequency gets higher and higher, a feeling of isolation appears and you feel isolated in your perception of the world. You feel that you are not from here, but rather from another world.


You make your professional gifts your professional career

When your vibratory frequency increases, your real skills, your natural gifts and your aspirations are obvious to you. You have the impression that working for a big company for example and a waste of time: you really want to develop your talents and devote all your time and all your energy. Looking for a way to live from your passions.


You like to spend more time alone

A high vibratory frequency and generally associated with ultra-sensitivity to the energies of others. This can empty you as fast as you fill. Spend time meditating, exploring your creativity and understanding your connection with nature. The better you know yourself, the better your social life will be. Be sure to create a shield to protect yourself from negative energies.

Stop your unproductive habits

You realize that some of your behaviors are exhausting you more than anything else. Thus, you realize that poor nutrition, abusive relationships, too much time spent around technology, drugs (including tobacco and alcohol), are not the best for your energy. You also prefer to spend time with those who have a positive effect on you and themselves.


You are sensitive to technology

During your spiritual awakening, you may gradually feel an uncomfortable sensation when your body is too close to an electronic object. You feel your energies and listen to them. You feel the frequencies that technology emits and it bothers you.

You do not waste your time judging

You realize that, little by little, you accept others in their totality and do not try to change it. You listen fully to others and do not dwell on judging his actions or intentions. You understand that everyone is different and everyone has their story. You attach great importance to forgiving: those who hurt you, and most importantly, yourself.


Inspired from the following article: 10 Signs You May Be Experiencing A Shift To A Higher Vibration
As well as Buddhist teachings: ‘do not make yourself judge of your fellowmen’,
‘For one who is free from change, there is no hindrance’.

I found this article very interesting and comforting for people with high vibratory frequencies. The purpose of this article is to connect people with high vibratory frequencies, to answer their questions and their doubts thanks to the ‘signs’ described.

Thank you for reading

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