How to protect yourself from negative energies?


In the article ‘do you have a high vibratory frequency?‘, I explain that it is important not to be consumed by negative energies / not to let them enter us. Here is an article explaining how to protect yourself from them .

Do not feed the bad energies

Negative energies or entities are separated / disconnected from the Source . No longer able to connect to the Source of the Universe, nor receive and produce energy, they are constantly looking for people like you and me to feed. A bit like a parasite. The more we express fear, fear, panic, resistance to positivity, the more negative energies will be attracted to us: they will steal our life force. Moreover, the more we talk about these energies and the more we will be afraid of their power, the more they will become important and threatening. Do not feed them! Ignore them and stay positive: this is one of the best ways to protect yourself from these negative energies.


Fill us with good energies
Let’s work on ourselves . When we are in too much contact with bad energy, we become toxic . Emotionally, physically and mentally. We need to recharge our batteries, to recover positive power. Reiki, Yoga, meditation, healing by the crystal, cleaning our energetic body … The goal is to heal and detoxify us, to erase these negative energies. Once done, our deep self will take more space and more power: the negative energies will have, when to them, less space.


Let’s train our mind

When we feel lost, scattered, that our future seems vague and without a future, we actually leave the door wide open to negative energies. If we do not have control over our mind, it will be controlled by someone else . (And it works for both negative energies / entities and manipulators) . So, think of training our spirit to be positive, to focus on the good and the good things of life rather than the daily hassles.


Choose our medias

Constantly bombarded by the corrupt media, it is difficult to focus on the Source and the positive forces of support of the Universe when we are faced with such information. It is absolutely necessary to be very selective with the information we receive.

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Let’s clear up the dark corners of your mind

We all have weaknesses, distinct or not, as well as undefined places in our consciousness. Let’s call them blind spots. Everyone has, without exception, only, some are more apt to admit it. Some of our blind spots are in our process of mind and thought, in our limits, in our relationships, in our communication, in our emotions, etc … These blind spots are the perfect hiding place for negative entities. They sneak in and control / influence our lives. It is important to keep in mind that we have enough room to grow and flourish: our growth is vital to our process of life here on Earth.


Let’s not let our energies stagnate

We have all had the unpleasant experience of visiting a person’s untrained habitat. A stale smell stagnates and garbage hangs everywhere as it gets moldy. This is the image that could reflect our stagnant energies if we could see them: when they stagnate, they « rot« . When we focus on unimportant objects, or people who give us only the negative in return, we can say that we let our energy stagnate. It is essential to stir our energies to keep them bright and fresh.


Let’s be bright, not a sponge!

Let’s become a lighthouse of Light. A beacon continually diffuses Light: it is bright and brilliant.
A sponge absorbs everything: good or bad. It is therefore extremely sensitive to microbes.
Just like the lighthouse, let’s be bright. Do not absorb everything in our reality on a par with the sponge.


Negative energies and entities flee when confronted with Light, positivity, and Love. Let’s be love, positivity and Light, stir up our positive energies, and protect ourselves from these negative energies!


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