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Everyone feels sadness, anger, anguish, fear … These emotions are part of us and go hand in hand with our reactions to certain situations.

For example, if someone annoys you, you will feel anger and act angry: you raise the tone, you will confront the person in front of you, you will empty your bag…

Even if this anger is forgotten a few hours or days after the incident, it still sticks to you. She is present and is circling around you. A little to this picture …



Imagine feeling angry, sad, or anxious again. The similar feeling felt earlier will grow. It’s like sprinkling a little seed. It will grow, take root, and grow, grow, grow … This mechanism is done unconsciously. Anger nourishes anger, fear feeds fear, anxiety feeds anxiety, etc.

The more you tend to react angrily or anxiously, the more you feed this feeling, the more difficult it will be for you to separate it from yourself. Anger, for example, which will get bigger and bigger by your side will be much easier to access, and you will become angry faster. Yet, beside her, are patience and moderation, which are very small … and therefore more difficult to access.

Learn to nurture positive feelings.

Positive attitude

At first, it is clear that it is difficult to go from black to white at once. The bigger the negative feelings around you, the more effort you have to redouble your efforts to respond calmly and thoughtfully.

In order to start from scratch, I propose a simple and effective method for you to ‘wash’ all these negative emotions that grow: Meditation – The sponge method.

Do not be trapped in your negative emotions.

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