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Salt baths


Do you feel sullen, depressed, easily irritable?

A salt bath will do you good.

Warning! It’s not about pouring salt into your bath water and staying in it for hours, no. For this ‘bath’ of salt here is a simple and fast method!

You need:
* Coarse salt (we find in supermarkets, grocery stores, etc …)
* A basin or a pan.

  • Method:

1) Head into your bathroom, and take the pan and coarse salt with you.
2) Put three large handfuls of coarse salt in the bowl.
3) Fill the basin with hot water (at the same temperature as your shower water).
4) Make sure the salt is completely dissolved in the water. No grain of salt should remain undissolved: when it comes into contact with your skin, it may scratch and irritate you if you have fragile skin. In addition, it will be difficult to remove because it will remain stuck.
5) Now go and shower normally with your usual soap. Rinse off completely.
6) Now take the basin containing the salt water. Slowly pour the salt water from your shoulders to your feet. Alternate on both sides of the shoulders. Make sure the salt water drains well over the entire surface of your body.
It is very important that when you do this salt bath, your intention to get rid of negative energies is present. Do not hesitate to repeat during your bath « I discharge negative energies » or « thanks to this salt I purify myself ». Find your ‘prayer’!
7) When the basin is finished, do not rinse with tap water! Just dry the salt water with a towel and wash it (because she is now charged with negative).

soft skin

Know that the more negative you are, the greater your reaction after this purification. As after Sponge divination method, you may feel nauseous, cry or laugh. It will depend on your defense mechanism! The important thing is to let yourself go, let your evil go.

Do not repeat these salt baths daily. They must remain occasional.

In addition to getting rid of the negative energies that your body was carrying, this ‘bath’ will leave you with the soft skin of a baby…

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