Meditation method: the Sponge


Ideal to start the year:

Sponge meditation allows you to ‘wash‘ yourself spiritually.

  • What is Sponge meditation for?

You have certainly gone through difficult times in recent years. It is important to remove emotions that you may have felt during these trials, such as resentment, anger, anguish, jealousy, etc.
This method is ideal if you have a tendency to rehearse the past, get upset easily, have a hard time managing your guilt, your remorse or regret for past situations.
Thanks to this form of meditation, you can ‘wash’ these negative emotions that are gnawing you inside.

  • Explanations.

This method involves taking a spiritual shower. With this you can feel new and let go of negative feelings that stick to you.
Because when you feel (for example) anger, it stays in orbit around you. Yes, even if it is muted! Take a look at the article ‘Think positive’

  • Method.

1) Sit in a place conducive to meditation. Take care, as always, to cut any electronic device so as not to disturb your vibrations.
2) You can listen to music that helps you to go into deep meditation, burn incense, light candles, etc …
3) Find a position in which you are comfortable.
4) Close your eyes.
5) Imagine yourself as a sponge. Imagine the texture, the shape, the color …
6) Then think about some events that make you feel pain, think about the guilt you feel about certain people, certain situations, think about your anger, your sadness, your anguish …
7) Imagine that all these emotions are dirt that you have to wipe off. These emotions are in orbit around you. As you are a sponge, you will experience the negative emotions that surround you. Wipe them. Breathe slowly and deeply.
8) When you feel that your sponge is sip as much as possible, wring it out. Press hard on your sponge and remove all the negative emotions it has absorbed.
9) Following this, you will react to this void: some people cry, others have laughter, nausea.. This is completely normal. Each person reacts differently to the rejection of their negative emotions. It depends on your inner me.
10) Gradually take back your original shape, leave this body ‘sponge’. Imagine yourself with your human body, clean, new and emptied of all your negative emotions.
11) Take back your minds and open your eyes gently.


Here you are clean as a penny!

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