The Alomancy is a salt divination technique . Those who practice Alomancy are alomanciens and alomanciennes .

This divinatory art is very rare today, it was more practiced in the Middle Ages when salt was strongly associated with magic. (Salt was a defense against witches, for example. Its magic virtues were very appreciated .)

    • First method of salt divination

* Take a handful of coarse salt.
* Place it on a stove.
* Formulate a question so that the answer is yes or no .
* If the salt crackles loudly and long, the answer to your question is negative .
* If the salt crackles slowly and slowly, the answer to your question is positive .

    • Second method of divination by salt.

* Take a handful of coarse salt.
* Throw this handle on the ground.
* Interpret now the forms that salt took in its downfall.

It’s up to you, future alomancers ! Good discovery to you!


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