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Cartomancy: advice to the cartomancer


Cartomancy is since the 15th century a divinatory art more and more widespread.
In the article Cartomancy: advice to the consultant, we have read that the seer has the ability to access hidden knowledge, secrets, past, present, future, information in space and time by extrasensory perception .
The cartomancer has the priority of using a divination card game to obtain information about the person who consults it.


What is the use of cartomancy?

* For the consultant … In my opinion, the cartomancy helps the consultant to make his choices and to be reassured about his future. It also allows him to get answers to his questions about his spiritual, religious or missionary awakening in life.
* For the fortune-teller … Each new consultation allows the fortune-teller to perfect and develop his clairvoyance gift.

Here are some tips for a good consultation and good news ! These tips are for the consultant.

The advice I offer is the result of my experience as a fortune-teller and consultant.
Each cartomancer has his own beliefs, his own rules and his own methods, to respect. Following the tips below just makes it easy for me to have a nice consultation , do no harm after a consultation and avoid the butterfly effect could change our destiny. Check out the suggested tips to follow as a consultant .

Respect the privacy of the non-present person

Yes, the seer must also be aware of it! Satisfying and reassuring the consultant is a very good thing, but watch out for the information we disclose. Sometimes a detail that seems insignificant can weigh very heavily in the balance. Disclosing information about someone who is not a consultant without their consent is very disrespectful.

In cartomancy, it is necessary to respect the non-present person.

Become aware of the weight of words

As a cartomancer, it is imperative to speak clearly and accurately. To find the right words and express your thoughts explicitly. If a person comes to consult us, it is because they need to be enlightened. So, put aside our enigmatic sentences and answer clearly the questions asked. This will avoid misunderstandings and misunderstandings.

The cartomancer must be aware of the impact of his consultation and the weight of his words.


Stay calm and attentive

It’s so nice to have someone in your face who breathes tranquility! Offer our consultant a moment of peace and serenity. Sometimes the revelations made during a consultation are unexpected and generate a lot of emotions. Let’s be calm and listen to our consultant.

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Respect the secrecy of a consultation

It is common for consultants not to tell others that they are seeing a seer. As a cartomancer, it is imperative to respect this choice, not to judge it and not to say which ones are our consultants.
It is of course essential to keep between ourselves and the consultant what was said during the session. It happens that the consultant gives himself little by little to the seer on his private life, apart from what the cards can reveal about himself. He can also give details of what the seer saw in his game. With such proof of trust, it would be disrespectful and dishonest to break that bond by disclosing intimate information.


Do not vampirize his consultant

If the consultant does not have to vampire his light, the opposite is true! Balance is very important in the cartomancy. For me, it is even one of the main foundations of a good consultation. Imagine that a person asks us for a consultation and finally only stays a few minutes. Do not force him to ask a thousand questions in order to make him stay again and again! From a human point of view, it’s foolish not to respect the need of his consultant not to go further in the consultation. A draw of cards can be a big step in the life of a consultant (as for that of a fortune-teller) and can be cumbersome and emotionally charged. If the consultant does not want to ask more than one question, that’s his right. From a financial point of view, it is this type of behavior that loses all credibility to people who really have a gift of clairvoyance and who are considered charlatans eager for « easy money ».

Do not force consultants to come, or come back. Let’s prefer to see people come to us without provoking anything. Destiny will put on our way the consultants who had to consult us to be guided. To provoke a consultation by urging someone to come see us or tell their consultant that ‘yes yes, you must come back next week!’ if it is not necessary, it does not produce good karma. Especially if the motivations are financial. Let’s take off this quack-cartomancer label that has been around for far too long.


Listen to his guides and respect the authorizations and prohibitions

For the fortune-teller (s) with their guides, it is very important to listen to them. Sometimes we may perceive information that maps give us but that we are not allowed to reveal to the consultant in front of us. In this case, opt for neutral sentences so as not to frighten him, as: « I do not see anything » or « nothing should be revealed about it for now, you’ll see for yourself because it’s what it must happen.  » Not having permission does not mean that we have serious or deadly information. This may mean that fate has a surprise that can be very happy and very important for the consultant and that he will enjoy this gift much better if he did not expect it.


Reassure the consultant

The forecasts we make are written on the consultant’s fate at some point in his life. To consult a clairvoyant allows him to have the knowledge of the paths that he will be able to take, what will lead him, and what good surprises he will have on his way. He will also be aware of the pitfalls he will have to avoid and the consequences of his actions. We are in no way creator of their destiny! We only translate the maps of his destiny (which he draws himself, although it depends on the methods of the cartomancers). The cartomancer is, for me, a translator. Before or after each consultation, it is therefore important to remind the consultant that he is master of his destiny and that this consultation allows him to be reassured about his future that he can make even better.


And let’s not forget: the use of the divinatory arts should not scare us but help us. Provided they are used wisely.

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