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Cartomancy: advice to the consultant


Cartomancy is a divinatory art that has been widespread since the 15th century.
The seer has the faculty to access hidden knowledge, secrets, past, present, future, information in space and time by extrasensory perception .
The cartomancer has the priority of using a deck of divinatory cards to obtain information about the person who consults it.

What is the purpose of cartomancy?

* For the consultant … In my opinion, the cartomancy helps the consultant to make his choices and to be reassured about his future. It also allows him to get answers to his questions about his spiritual, religious or missionary awakening in life.
* For the fortune-teller … Each new consultation allows the fortune-teller to perfect and develop his clairvoyance.

Here are some tips to make a good consultation and good! ! These tips are for the consultant .
The advice I offer is the result of my experience as a fortune-teller and consultant.
Each cartomancer has his own beliefs, his own rules and his own methods, to respect. Following the tips below just makes it easy for me to have a nice consultation , do no harm after a consultation and avoid the butterfly effect could change our destiny. Check out the suggested tips to follow as a consultant .

Tarot cards and crystal ball.

Do not confuse spying with cartomancy

As a consultant, it is obvious that we consult in order to reassure ourselves about the future , and about the people around us. However, do not confuse spying with cartomancy !
Asking personal and intimate questions about people we know from near and far is not respectful.
Would we like a person who knows us from near and far to ask personal questions about us to a fortune teller and get detailed answers about our personal lives? Of course not. Make sure you respect the privacy of those around you.
Let’s avoid the following questions, for example: «  what is Mr. X doing right now?  » «  Does Mrs. X have a lover?  » « < em> What has Mr X in mind right now? «  » Does my neighbor have serious money problems?  »
This does not concern us ! And if we are too curious, we only have to collect this information from the person concerned! Do not use cartomancy as a source of gossip!


Do not ask the same question several times in a row during the same session

If we have a question, let’s focus on it and formulate it well. Once formulated, let’s say it aloud or in our head (it will depend on the method of the cartomancer) . It is strongly discouraged to ask the same question several times : the answer will be less and less precise and will go in all directions. If the answer does not suit us, take our trouble. It may not be good for us to know the answer. Not necessarily because it’s bad! But because we do not need to know that to move forward in our life.


Do not use cartomancy for everything and nothing

Or: do not consider cartomancy as the resolution of all our problems. Yes, we are all concerned about everyday issues such as: « Do I have to repaint my house in beige or white? » Should I call my best friend and him to ask for forgiveness? «  » Will I do bargains at sales? «  » What gift should I give him for Valentine’s Day?  »
It is however preferable to avoid asking such questions to our seer …
These kinds of events are not necessarily inscribed in our destiny because they are not primordial and decisive in our life … We must accept it! The fact ‘opt for this or that car will not change our destiny … Finally …
It’s best to ask the right questions to the right people . For our cut, ask our hairdresser. For our car, ask our garage. For our clothes, ask the sellers.
For the very important and decisive choices in our lives such as: «  Will this relationship bring me good?  » «  Am I right to commit myself? «  » Am I going to meet love soon? «  » What is my mission in life? «  » Who are my spiritual guides? « , then opt for a consultation clairvoyance or medium .
To consult a clairvoyant for everything and nothing triggers in us a bad reflex of dependence. To be helped is very good. But do not forget to think for yourself . Clairvoyance must not be our blinders, but a source of help and well-being.


Know that normally, we should consult a clairvoyant or a medium one to three times a year, more!

Do not force another consultant to ask the cartomancer questions, in case you are a consultant’s assistant

Suppose we advise a friend to consult our clairvoyant … And that it accepts!

« Yes why not … But on one condition: you come with me! You know, I would feel more comfortable … »

Here we are a few days later in front of our beloved admirer, next to our very curious friend.
She agrees that we stay next to her and the session is going well. A few hours or minutes later, our friend seems undecided and the end of the consultation is felt. And there, our language burns us, and finally, we dare: « ask if your friend really loves you! »

No! We must not propose any questions to our friend !! A consultation is personal and if we want to know something, let’s ask the person concerned! Cartomancy should not be used for « spying » purposes or for exploring the privacy of those around you.
If our friend has no idea, it is that she has nothing more to ask ! If we propose a question to which she is not ready or should not receive the answer, it may change her fate and, by butterfly effect, distort the rest of the session.
If we are accompanying a friend or family member, it is best to be a caring presence only and not to interfere in consultation !
Of course, if we are not invited during the consultation, let’s avoid the famous « so, what did you say the seer (e)? »
You do not think that if we were not invited during the consultation, it is that the information disclosed should remain secret ?


Do not disclose information and revelations made by the cartomancer during his session

A divination session is private and confidential . The cartomancer undertakes not to disclose the information he receives from us. So, let’s not repeat what he also tells us … If the seer announces the break with our darling (e), it is obviously very strange to run to repeat … If the seer confirms us that one of our friends who seemed to us wrong will not actually bring us an honest relationship, it is very disrespectful to go tell him, with a proud and (…) sure of us … You can not find ? Every thing in its time . WE have decided to reveal our future: that does not mean that we have the right to judge others and the infused science. Do not forget politeness and kindness . We must learn to keep our new knowledge for ourselves when its disclosure is not useful or could hurt. Obviously, if our fortune-teller tells us that someone we do not know must receive such a message, it is best to tell him, if he or she is ready.


Do not vampirize the cartomancer

The cartomancer is a great help to us and relieves us many times about our future. It uses a lot of energy and is very focused. It takes time for us, and his thoughts are devoted entirely to our life for a while. This is an offer from him or her and we are welcome to thank him / her. Some people think that the consultant should give at least a symbolic euro . Some (s) define their rates in advance. If we do not have the means, opt for offer a meal or an object . Everything is a question of balance : if we feel better and reassured, we must return the favor to our benefactor.


Respect answers and non-responses

* The cartomancer needle advises him but is under no circumstances obliged to answer all his questions. If the questions are too personal and do not concern the consultant, the cartomancer may refuse to answer.
* If the consultant does not receive the answers to the questions he asks, there is a good reason.
* Questions and personal answers about other people we do not look at. It’s disrespectful. Cartomancy is not espionage.
* Regarding the answers we should not have, it’s because it would surely change our destiny, or just because we do not need it to move forward in our life.

Sometimes the answer to our question is not what we expected. No need to make a drama and get angry with the cartomancer, forcing him to redo a draw until the answer suits us. We must learn to keep calm, to wait until the end of the session and we will react once we return home. We have the freedom to take into account or not the words of the seer after all.
Sometimes, the seer can not draw the cards because they see nothing today about us. We must accept it and not force the cartomancer to shoot us anyway: forecasts would be distorted . It is also childish and useless to pity him by calling him a poor clairvoyant. If the cartomancer could not answer our questions, it was because we did not need the answers to continue making our choices.


And let’s not forget: forecasts are made because they are inscribed on our destiny at some point in our lives. We are masters of our destiny and we can change it at any time. The use of the divinatory arts should not frighten but help us. Provided they are used wisely.

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