Roll dice to know the future


Do you know what Kybomancy is?

Kybomancy is a divinatory art resulting from cleromancy , an ancestor divinatory art of interrogating objects by movement. The light causes the movement of an object and interprets the way it has moved, of which it has landed. Cleromancy is practiced from ancient Greece and was carried out through the centuries with ossicles, pebbles, dominoes, bones … Then with dice (kybomancy ).

Practicing kybomancy

Today, it is of course always possible to practice kybomancy . To do this, you only need to get one or more dice and define an interpretation for each digit. I advise you to use dice that will only serve the purpose of this divinatory art, so as not to upset the energies they convey. You can buy new ones or find old ones: in any case, it will be necessary to purify them.

Purify his dice

To purify your dice, new or used, pass them under the smoke of a purifying incense ( incense with camphor is easy to get and purifies the objects very quickly).
Why purify your dice?
Whether new or used, it is necessary to purify your dice in order to « reset » the energies they carry. Using your dice during divination sessions, you mix your energies and theirs. These energies are very special and have a specific vibration , which is absolutely different from the vibration of the energies conveyed during a common dice game.
At the end of each divination session, I advise you to place your dice in a small opaque bag to keep their energies warm.


Interpreting numbers

On Kybomancy , I summarize most used interpretations, although there are hundreds of other possible interpretations. I advise you to define your own interpretations when you get into kybomancy.

To do so, nothing is easier. Decide on the number of dice you will need for a divination session. One, two, three or more: it’s up to you to feel what suits you the most.

Take a small notebook and a pen and write down the corresponding interpretation next to each figure.
For example, if your dice roll tells you number 4, write ‘ 4 ‘ and then what this number tells you about. Stability? Construction ? Project? New? Longevity? Everything is possible. The important thing is to stick to it and not to change these interpretations once you have determined them.

You can interpret the numbers of each dice separately, or add the numbers out and interpret that number . Up to you !


There are many ways to roll the dice to read the future . If you do not find a method that suits you, do not worry: invent yours! I urge you: when you follow his intuition and his way of doing things, the divination sessions are much more fluid.

Here are the basics of kybomancy for you:
– Get some dice (purified beforehand).
– Find a stable and flat support (table, board …)
– Query the dice, then launch them on the support.
– Interpret the figures released.

You can add variations , here is a non-exhaustive list:
* Draw a circle with chalk on your support and take into account the fact that the dice come out or remain in the circle.
* Interpret the way a dice fall: turn for a long time before stabilizing? Does he fall from the support? Does he roll on another die?
* Vary the number of dice following your questions: two dice for love questions, a dice for yes / no questions …
* Establish color codes: red dice for the past, blue dice for the future, yellow dice for the present …

Let your imagination go and follow your feeling . The more personal your game, the easier you will interpret the symbols, and the more your third eye will be cleared.

Now you have everything you need to get started in kybomancy !



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