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Are you really compatible with your spouse? What does the future hold for two? The biorhythm of the couple is interested in your future in love. Whatever the nature and state of your relationship with your partner, it is very difficult to predict for yourself the happy moments and / or the difficult times you will go through. How to live peacefully your relationship? How to fill your partner? Have you really found your half? So many mysteries that the couple’s biorhythm test will answer without hesitation. Enter only a few dates to know everything about the influences that your couple will suffer!

What is the couple’s biorhythm?

The couple biorhythm take into account your astrological sign and that of your partner. The biorhythm understands the ups and downs in your relationship, clearly: its evolution. It corresponds to the influence of the three main cycles that your couple undergoes. By testing your couple’s biorhythm, you will see if you live in harmony with your partner or if you have some effort to maintain balance. Indeed: the test calculates the phase in which you are, and in which is your partner. Then you will be advised to live a balanced and healthy relationship. You will please your partner while doing you good too!

Overview of the three cycles

The three cycles are: the health cycle, the intellectual cycle, and the emotional cycle. The first is physical fitness. The second concerns the mental domain and the third relates to sensitivity.

These cycles are divided into three phases.
* The first is the positive phase. During this phase, your maximum potential is expressed.
* The second phase represents the ‘transition‘, it corresponds to a critical phase. Your energy changes state: you tend, during this period, to undergo accidental and unpleasant events.
* The third and last phase is often considered, wrongly, as negative. However, it corresponds to the moment of restoring your internal potentials. It does not bode well, quite the opposite!

Biorhythm torque test

By using your respective birth dates (that is, yours and your partner’s), the three phases of the biorhythm are determined. The result allows you to proceed appropriately to the planning of your emotional future taking care to take into account the desires of your partner and yours. In fact: the biorhythm test of the couple determines the period during which you will be able to perform your activities in order to coincide with that of your partner.

So, Farewell to arguments and unspoken ones!
With your partner’s biorhythm test, live in complete harmony and put your wildest projects to the test.


The physical phase is the period to choose to perform a performance or perform an activity that makes you happy. The body has more energy during this phase. The realization of the couple’s projects, the passing of exams, future plans are compatible with the intellectual phase. The emotional phase, she is advised to meet new people, to go out. This period reinforces the intimacy and affinity of your couple.

Phase Associations and Tips

These different phases are then crossed.
* The intellectual phase associated with the Emotiona phase is the perfect time to make good decisions. This combination reveals a chance period for the couple. You will have a good state of mind, lively and creative. The moment to give a boost to your relationship has sounded. Moving together, marriage, child etc … Go for it!

The purpose of the biorhythm test is to determine the energy cycles that punctuate your life. It tells you when your relationship will be positive or negative, neutral or critical.


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