The guardian angels

What is your guardian angel? Do you really enjoy everything he can do for you? The guardian angels are messengers of the creator God. Their mission is to transmit the divine message to men. But even more, they serve as a link between men and God. They thus ensure a double communication. That of God to you and yours to God. However, they are not nothing but messengers. They also intervene with men. Your guardian angels are at your service for all your needs. If what you desire is right and good, your guardian angel will not hesitate to act to satisfy you fully.

The guardian angels and their classification

For the Catholic Church, the angels of the Bible are the ones to consider. Regarding the wider spirituality, 72 angels are taking into account. These are the angels revealed by Kabbalistic. In this regard, it is a text of the Old Testament that gives us the names of angels. Indeed, in the book of the Exodus, it is described the crossing by Moses of the Red Sea. Three verses of this book are composed of 72 letters that decode the proper name of each angel. In Kabbalistic language, they are called geniuses of Kabbalah. We can also designate them more simply by Guardian Angels.
The 72 guardian angels are divided into nine choirs of angels. They each have 8 angels. These are distributed over the periods of the year in degree. There are five degrees of angels at the zodiacal plane. Angels do not have the same levels in the classification. Thus, there are three hierarchical levels in the angelic landscape.
In the first hierarchy, you have the seraphim, the cherubim, the throne. They represent God and reflect the characteristics of divine perfection. They give off a fiery love, a bright light, and a permanent holiness. Their power is unequaled.
At the level of the second hierarchy are the following three angels’ choirs: dominations, virtues, and powers. Here they are in the image of God in what expresses his sovereignty over all that is creature. They have unlimited power and great power of action. The angels of the second hierarchy show a justice that does not vary.
The last hierarchical level is composed of the angels’ choirs below: the Principalities, the archangels and the angels. They are the divine representatives in his outward works of wisdom in government, of sublimity in revelations, and of immutable testimony of heavenly goodness.

When should we summon your guardian angel

The guardian angel can be invoked at any time and every day. However, the most favorable days are your birthday and the specific days when the angel is active. It’s his day of regency. In these days, you can address your most important prayers and requests. The hour of regency of the angel is also favorable to invoke it.
You are not limited to only invoking your own angel. You can also talk to all the other angels according to the nature of what you want. For each angel has a capacity, a given virtue. The only nuance is that you can not summon them every day as for your guardian angels. It is only in their days and hours of regency that you can solicit them to hope for a good result.

How to summon your Guardian Angel?

The first step is to enter a state of meditation. It’s about keeping calm in you and around you. Then you turn on candles and incense required exclusively for your guardian angel. Soft music can help you relax. Then you can address your query starting by saying the name of the angel, his virtue. You end with the passage of the corresponding psalm.

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