Rolling the Dice
Do you wonder about your future? Know that the dice can be of unsuspected help … The kybomancy is a divinatory practice very simple to practice and is accessible to all. This divination technique will answer all your questions, whatever the field. Your professional concerns, your sentimental doubts, your financial difficulties … The dice will reveal you how to solve your problems. You will be able to approach your future more serenely!


Cleromancy is the origin of kybomancy. Cleromancy is the art of predicting the future by drawing lots. The dice has gradually become the mainstay. This is how kybomancy was born. When the cleromancy was practiced, the dice did not exist yet: one then used ossicles. The numbered six-sided dice appeared during the evolution of the knowledge of figures.
Before questioning the dice, it is important to calm down and relax before. You have to empty your mind, then clarify your concern. Then go on to the question: it must be simple and short. Know that predictions take effect in the nine days before the divination session.

The secret of six faces

There is an interpretation corresponding to each number and each sum of two results of two dice.
The number 1 symbolizes unity in all areas, creativity, love and aesthetics.
The number 2 is the sign of the couple, the fertility, the union and a significant change in your family life.
The number 3 represents diversity, opportunity or misfortune.
The number 4 is about insurance and longevity.
The number 5 symbolizes development, positive change, finances, the beginning of a period of multiple success.
The number six evokes difficulties and calls for prompt action, a lot of effort, even a clean slate to start over again.

Results interpretation

The sum of the two digits of the two dice is also important:
Result 2 indicates that the answer is not favorable.
The 3rd says that anything can happen but it is essential to be vigilant.
The 4 represents an indeterminate situation: avoid making a hasty decision.
The 5 is the symbol of luck: get started!
The 6 advises caution.
The 7th tells you that you have nothing to fear.
The 8 advises you a lot of thought: do not rush.
The 9th augurs the freedom to act without hesitation.
The 10 corresponds to the uncertainty: you must be careful.
The 11th tells you that you will avoid everything that will make you lose confidence in you: all the better!
The 12th asks for time and questioning. Nothing goes: mobilize your resources to bounce back.


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