Yi King

Yi King is an ancient Chinese tradition of divination. Yi King is the oldest oracle book. It enjoys great popularity around the world. He symbolizes good and bad, life and death, etc … His printing methods are very special.

Origins of Yi King

Yi King can be defined as the Book of Changes. It adapts to changes in weather. Its origins date back to the year 1143 BC. It is a lord of the province of Chu, named Wen who assembles the first pieces. And it is his son, the Duke of Cheou who will advance his work by adding many explanations.

The Yi King builds on the current of thought instituted by Lao-Tseu. Yi King is also a popular historical book, especially in China. He is recognized by specialists in occultism as a great wealth.

The spirituality that emerges has inspired many. This spirituality is based on Yin and Yang: the two essential: the beautiful and the ugly, the night and the day, the cold and the hot, the black and the white, etc … some Taoists, the Yi King is greatly venerated.


Recourse to Yi King: what to know about consultation?

The divination by the Yi King is called hexagram. The hexagram has solid lines (Yang) which are called odd and broken lines (Yin) which are called pairs. They express all the Chinese philosophy that associates white and black in the conception of the universe. 64 different hexagrams may result.

Yi King’s consultation follows some basic principles. Important prerequisite: define precisely the question or situation to submit to Yi King! So Yi King will guide you in solving the riddle. The most widely distributed printing methods are two: drawing by the Achilles stems and drawing by the coins.

As for the drawing by the stems of Achillée, it takes 50. The method of drawing is quite precise and must be repeated 5 times. The circulation by the coins is the best known. Just shake three identical pieces and throw them on the floor. We make the total (Face = 3 and Stack = 2). The total of the three pieces must be entered and 5 identical draws must follow to have the 6.

Yi King Draw: Interpreting Hexagram Results

The different figures obtained by the prints are of a rather precise meaning. The number 9 symbolizes an old Yang situation that changes to Yin. For the 8th, it is a young Yin who remains unchanged. The 7th means that a young Yang does not change. Finally, the 6th is the mutation of an old Yin in Yang.
We build here the hexagram from the bottom. The first line represents the departure of the situation and the last its end. Every hexagram consists of two trigrams (3 sides) which are called upper trigram and lower trigram. There are 64 different types of hexagrams in Yi King with different meanings. For example, hexagram 1 will define a precise conduct according to the position of the digits. Thus, if a 9 in the beginning expresses that it is necessary to wait before acting; in 4th position, he indicates that we must jump into the water and trust his potential.


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