You know the domino game, do not you? Did you know that they are also divinatory support?
Ask dominos about your future, choose originality and precision

Dominoes, from games to divination

Dominoes have gradually changed from a simple game to a popular divinatory medium (especially by the Chinese people). In the nineteenth century dominoes experienced a rapid expansion in Europe.
Using a precise print method, dominomancy allows you to have a precise answer to a question.
The draw is done in 4 steps:
* The 28 dominoes are mixed and spread face-to-table, or in an opaque bag.
* The consultant draws 3 dominoes using his left hand (without returning them !!)
* The leftmost domino represents the current situation of the consultant.
* The other two give advice to deal effectively with the current situation.

It is also possible to draw 3 dominoes together and interpret together to draw a global message of their combination. Whatever method you use, keep in mind that concentration is the key to a good draw. Divination requires the calm and concentration of the consultant and the seer.

Interpretations of domino numbers

6-6: it’s the domino of happiness, success in every way.
6-5: A good sign is a new beginning after the storm.
6-4: an argument, a dispute hangs in the air.
6-3: A good journey is coming.
6-2: a sign of good luck for honest people.
6-1: Things are getting better.
6-0: betrayal, slander … Stay alert.

5-5: Favorable changes on the horizon.
5-4: You will receive winnings, perhaps by surprise!
5-3: everything is calm. You will receive useful information. Take them into account!
5-2: A new person will come into your life: a child, a friend, a partner.
5-1: a new friendly or loving relationship on the horizon.
5-0: A sad person needs your help. But be careful what you say!

4-4: It’s time for relaxation!
4-3: contrary to your expectations, you will have nice surprises!
4-2: loss, betrayal … A loved one can be guilty of it. Beware.
4-1: Predicting a buildup of debt.
4-0: disappointment, argument, annoyance … Be careful!

3-3: a bad omen for emotional life, while your financial situation is running smoothly.
3-2: Whatever the change, be careful in your finances!
3-1: the answer to your concern is « no »! However, there may be surprises.
3-0: Expect problems!

2-2: You’ll win your case, which could cause jealousy.
2-1: In love, everything is fine, but in your finances, there are hollows.
2-0: a trip, new encounters? Caution!

1-1: harmony, growing affection, love in sight.
1-0: A stranger will bring you good news.

0-0: nothing good on the horizon!


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