Divination Palmistry

Palmistry: Introduction


Introduction: Palmistry – Palm reading.

Palmistry consists of interpreting the lines and other signs of the palm of the hand. It’s a divinatory art practiced in China and India for over 5000 years. It would have started in the 3rd century in the West. She was born in Europe in the twelfth century. It is then that the link between the lines and the organs of the body is made. The link between the signs of the hand and the planets also.


There are several meanings to each of the lines of the hand, according to their thickness, their length, their shape…

In the attached article: The lines of the hand, we will explain what are the meanings associated with the lines of the hands.

Mounts are also associated with the palm of the hands. We will see their meaning in the attached article: The hand mount.


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