Ayyavazhi: the flame-bearing lotus

Ayyavazhi lotus flame bearing

the flame-bearing lotus is the symbol of Ayyavazhi.

Ayyavazhi is a local mythology of South India. It is not officially recognized as an independent religion by the Indian government.

The philosophy of Ayyavazhi is based on the teachings of God ‘Ayya Vaikundar’. Religious texts are Akilathirattu Ammanai et Arul Nool. This religion has much in common with Hinduism, despite its differences in the concepts of Good and Evil: the Dharma*.


The faithful of Ayyavazhi worship only Ayya Vaikundar, because the three divine figures (combination of the three responsibilities, Creation, preservation and destruction) are present in him in the form of Narayana.

*Dharma is the set of norms and laws social, family, personal, natural, political, cosmic.

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