The wheel of Dharma


The wheel of Dharma, or Dharmachakra, is the symbol of Dharma. This is the Buddha’s teaching on the path of enlightenment. It is one of eight auspicious symbols.

Dharma wheel is represented as a carriage wheel (in Sanskrit, chakra). Generally, it has eight or more spokes. This symbol is one of the oldest, it was present before Buddha was represented in human form.

  • Symbols associated with the wheel spokes.

8 spokes represent the Noble Way Octuple : āryāṣṭāṅgamārga.

12 spokes represent the twelve links of the conditioned co-production: pratītyasamutpada.

24 spokes represent the twelve links of the conditioned co-production and the twelve links of conditioned cessation.

31 spokes represent the 31 worlds. (There are 11 worlds of desire, 16 worlds of form and 4 worlds of form.

  • Other symbols associated with other parts of Dharmachakra.

Circle symbolizes the perfection of Dharma teaching.

The hub is the symbol of the discipline, the essential center of Buddhist meditation.

The rim keeps the spokes. It is the symbol of concentration that keeps the whole: samadhi.

The gesture corresponds to setting in motion the wheel of the law: Dharmachakramudra.

The wheel of Dharma is also the symbol of the spread of Dharma teaching from country to country. She drove from India to Central Asia, Southeast Asia and East Asia..



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