How to purify your stones


How to purify your stones.

To each stone, its ritual of purification. It is important to purify and recharge your stone for one day (twice 12 hours or 24 hours at a time) each month.

* What is purification?

Purification involves ‘cleansing’ your stone of all the negativity it can carry.

* Why purify your stone?

1) We just offered you a stone.

The person who gave you the stone has certainly chosen it from many others. Your stone has been in contact with others. Since she was in contact with other stones, she was in contact with other energies, which are not hers and which can distort her properties..

It is also possible that the person who gave you the stone has released energies that have « stuck » to the stone.

It is therefore essential to purify it to remove all negative energies or that are not specific to them so that it is ‘clean’, ‘washed’.

2) You have chosen a stone.

You have certainly chosen your stone among others. Purify it to extract all energies that are not peculiar to it. Wash her of all her negativity so she can get back to 0 with you.


* What is the method?

To each stone its purification. It is possible to clean the stone by placing it:

  • In spring water.
  • In salty spring water.
  • In coarse salt.
  • In distilled water.
  • Etc…

For spring water, you can use the bottled water that you will find in supermarkets.

! It is imperative to separate the stones, not to put them all in the same container, because each stone absorbs the energy of the next one.

If your stone is mounted in jewelry, be careful when you purify it with salt water or salt. In order not to damage the jewel, be sure to soak only the stone.

Do not reuse the water because it has a negative charge! Change the water with each ritual.


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