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How to protect your couple


Provide protection for your couple.


ingredients :

  • A pink candle.
  • A speckled Obsidian or a pink quartz.
  • Incense of violet (in grain or powder).
  • A square of vegetable parchment.

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How to proceed?

* Light the candle and burn the incense.

* Place the stone in front of the candle.

* Take the parchment and register ‘by the omnipotence of universal energies, I ask and I receive the total and complete protection of my couple. Happiness completely envelops us and peace reigns in our sincere love relationship. I am happy and grateful. Thank you.’

* Put your hands on the stone.

* Recite three times what is written on the parchment.

* Take the stone and pass it through the smoke of the incense.

* Leave the candle on for fifteen minutes.

* Repeat the incantation three times and then blow out the candle to extinguish it.

* Put the candle and the stone in a place where no one can see or touch them.

* Repeat the ritual the next day then the next day, with the same candle and the same stone.

* On the last day, it is important to let the candle burn to the end.

And there you go, your couple is now well protected!

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