How to remember your past lives


This article is for people who are used to doing deep meditation sessions. Obviously, inexperienced but highly motivated and determined people can follow these instructions, but know that it will be harder to reach the final result for them..

How to remember your past lives?

°° One is never better served than by oneself, no? °°
So let’s move forward.

1) Get in condition…
Install yourself in a nice place, and be sure not to be disturbed in full meditation (turn off the phone, TV, radio, unplug your doorbell…)
For light, whether it is on or off, it does not matter. Feel comfortable, that’s all.
You can put a little soft music, mood, forest sounds, waterfalls … All that usually helps you to enter into deep mediation. Sit in the position that is most comfortable for you and keep your back straight.

2) Let’s go…
Now that you are comfortably settled in your cozy nest, relax and go into meditation.

3) Protect yourself…
This type of meditation is very deep and it’s not about taking it lightly. It is necessary that you leave to make your trip serenely and protected. Before entering a meditation that is too deep, close your eyes and see a strong light that surrounds your whole body. It’s your aura. Make it grow as much as possible: it will allow you to be protected during your trip. You can repeat these sentences: ‘My aura will protect me. I protect myself for this trip. My aura is powerful, I am protected.’

4) Unroll the red carpet…
Now that you’re protected, imagine yourself walking along a carpet that leads to a door. The path can be long and winding. If you do not see the door during your meditation session, you are not ready yet to discover your past lives.

5 The door opens…
That’s it, here you are at your secret door. Open there and discover your previous lives … At first, you may see only a succession of images scrolling very quickly, very blurry scenes, almost inaudible noises. Try to focus on clarifying these signs. If this does not work in the first meditation session, do not panic. It will come with time, training and acceptance of your past lives.

6) Return to yourself.
Once you want to get out of this special room where your previous memories are kept, move slowly to the door and close behind you. Walk along the carpet through which you have arrived and come back to yourself naturally. Do not be abrupt. Take the time to open your eyes and wake up from your trip. Do not stand up abruptly: this experience is important and marks a big step in your spiritual life. Take the time to regain your spirits before resuming your usual activities.


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