How to have a good karma ?


To have a good karma, what are the actions to avoid?

Here are ten negative actions generating a bad Karma:

* The three physical vices: kill, steal, misbehave in the sexual domain (adultery).
* The four vice of the speech: to lie, to use words to hurt someone or to create a conflict, to use foul language, to peddle gossip.
* The three mental vices: lust, thinking evil of people, supporting wrong opinions.

What are the preferred actions for good karma?
Here are ten positive actions generating good karma:

Give up negative actions and cultivate their opposites.

* The three physical virtues: protection of life, generosity towards others, responsible sexual behavior.
* The four virtues of speech: to be sincere, to create harmony and reconciliation among others, to speak pleasantly, to conduct meaningful and useful conversations.
* The three mental virtues: be content with what you have, be kind to others, develop the belief that Buddha’s teachings are good for yourself and for others.


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