Incense properties – From P to R

Incense properties - From P to R

Incense properties – From P to R.

* Pangan Magic frankincense releases a large amount of energy. This is why it is often used during ceremonial rituals.

* Grapefruit frankincense awakens the imagination. It is recommended for the opening of the psychic fields, meditation, just like poppy incense, or poppy.

* Patchouli frankincense is a sexual stimulant. It is also anti-depressant. It reactivates the fertilized. It decreases feelings of confusion, indecision and treats apathy. It is used to awaken and develop intelligence and bring peace of mind. It awakens intuition. It is recommended for meditation, as well as people with intense psychic activities because it controls the depletion of vitality. It serves as physical and mental protection.

* Poppy frankincense brings love, money and luck. It provides good sleep and is also favorable for fertility.

* ‘Pax spiritus’ frankincense provides inner peace. It is therefore advisable to use it to meditate. It awakens the energy necessary to take action, to get out of a bad mood: it makes us dynamic.

* Peach frankincense is a very good offering. It also attracts new friendships.

* Peach and Orange frankincense announces victory and success.

* Pennyroyal frankincense gives strength, protects the habitat and brings peace

* Plants, herbs frankincense has calming and soothing properties.

* Jamaica pepper frankincense eliminates tensions inside homes.

* Appel frankincense is excellent for vitality. It facilitates the start of a day and the exercise of our daily tasks.

* Green apple frankincense, it is excellent for health. It also helps bring harmony with animals. It is advisable to use it for sick people, in convalescence.

* Jamaica Spice frankincense brings money, luck and heals the sick.

* Pine frankincense protects the habitat. It also brings money and increases sexual potency. It is advisable to use it with the sick because it heals.

*  au pivoine frankincense protects the habitat.

* Pinho frankincense protects the habitat and increases fertility.

* Pitanga frankincense raises the vibrational levels of the environment.

* Primevère frankincense fights feelings of fear, anger, or panic.

* pontifical frankincense is used for rituals, initiation ceremonies, as well as collective magic operations and remote actions. It goes well with prayer and purifies the habitat. It is linked to Mars. It supports the establishment of a collective pentacle or talisman. It is receptive to subtle energies.

* ‘Church powder’ frankincense is used during deep meditation. It is associated with the consecration of pentacles, talismans and prayers.

* Prema frankincense is used to clarify our thoughts. It also increases vitality.


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