Incense properties – From R to S

incense smoke

Incense properties – From R to S.

* Rosemary incense protects and purifies the habitat. It is used to ward off evil spirits and thieves. It also protects our professional era. It helps to recover during and after treatment for illness. It increases learning capacity: it is advisable to use this incense during revisions, it is a mental stimulant which activates memory and disperses fatigue. It stimulates consciousness and has anti-depressant properties. Rosemary is considered in esotericism as a magic plant used in many traditions.

* Yellow Rose incense is used for success, pleasure and joy.

* White Rose incense has the ability to cleanse environments from negative and evil energies. It calms people who breathe its scent. It brings a harmonious, peaceful and pure atmosphere to the home.

* India Rose incense is excellent for the working environment. It eliminates low vibrations.

*Musgosa Rose incense is used for meditation, as well as mystical studies. It decreases anxiety and tension.

* Red Roses incense supports spiritual rituals and meditation. It brings love and promotes spiritual communion. It uplifts the soul and develops love for life.

* Roses incense works with solar energy. This is why it brings joy and vitality, and lowers the pressure. It removes stress and is anti-depressant, regenerative and relaxing.

* Magi incense is linked to the element ‘fire’. It drives out negative and evil influences. It is used to stimulate thinking to find solutions to emotional problems. It purifies the habitat and promotes spiritual elevation. It materializes desires, protects the habitat. It is an ideal complement for novenas and candles.


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