Incense properties – From S to T (part2)

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Incense properties – From S to T – part2

>* Dragon’s Blood Incense is used to drive out demons, exorcise and protect negative evil forces. It purifies the habitat and attracts love. He can also amplify the power of another incense, increase his magic power. It reinforces the positive vibrations.

* Saturn incense is a planetary incense. It is associated with work related to the hours, days, or this planet. It is used to discover treasures or secrets … It is also associated with fate, patience, discipline, debts, disability, scarcity, sadness, loneliness, death and to old age.

* White sage incense serves to purify. White sage is considered the most powerful herb for purification. It can purify the aura, the house or objects. It drives out evil spirits, bad mood and sickness. It brings protection, wisdom, wealth, well-being. It’s a solar incense.

* Seraph Incense is a powerful vector of purifying energy. It promotes inner alchemy exercises and gives a sense of truth.

* Shyam incense is used when contact with angels is needed.

* Sun incense is a planetary incense. It is associated with work related to time (hours, days) and this planet. It has the capacity to reinforce the personality of the one who burns it. It is used for administrative purposes because it is associated with money, gain, creation, prosperity, luck, success, energy, strength, healing, and male interest.

* Sulfur incense is very powerful. It prevents the bad wishes of others from affecting you.

* Spiritual guide incense is used for a better mystical concentration.

* Storax incense protects against negative energies. It is associated with loyalty, responsibility and concentration. He purifies space and ritual objects. When used, the mind is prepared to be more receptive. He sublimates the vital impulses. It also helps to fight against occult forces. It relaxes, relaxes and promotes sleep.


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