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Full Moon legend

full moon legend

Full moon legend.

Legend of villages in the Amazon rainforest.

There is a legend that a young woman with breathtaking beauty lived in a village in the Amazon rainforest. Her beauty was such that no one dared to look her in the face. It embarrassed and paralyzed all the men in her village.

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Some evenings, a man came to find her in his hammock, enamored of her beauty. The relationships she had with this young man tormented her because she never saw the face of the one who gave her so much happiness.

One day, she dared to tell her mother about it. After hearing the news, her mother advised her to take Genipa juice in a corner near your hammock. When your lover comes to join you, rub the juice on his face. This tincture remains on a man’s skin for almost nine days. 

In the evening, the splendid girl was waiting for her lover with the juice of Genipa nearby. When he settled into the hammock, she spread it over his face. The young man immediately took his legs to his neck.

The next day, the girl’s mother informed the village of what had happened the day before. All the villagers began to search for the culprit. The mother was worried about the sudden disappearance of her son. Everyone knew that a man isolated far from the people was doomed to a quick and certain death.

This is how the villagers thought: ‘As death is certain if the individual is isolated, the culprit will return, and so will your son.’

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A few days later, the culprit ended up showing his face covered with Génipa to the whole village. It was the girl’s brother.

He immediately became ashamed of the village, he who had committed one of the most atrocious crimes: incest. He was driven so far from the village that he reached heaven.

It is said that since that day, the Moon appeared in the sky, because it represents the face of the young man. The traces we see on the Moon are actually the traces of Genipa left on the young man’s face.

There is also another belief: a son was born from this incestuous union. Her name was Yali. The Moon was so sad not to see her son that a hummingbird brought her news of her son. The Moon was so happy to hear about her son that she gave the bird the crest of green feathers carried on its head.

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