Incense properties – From T to V

Incense properties.

* Terra Immortalis incense protects and purifies the habitat. It allows to be in contact with the elements of the forest.

* The incense ‘Earth’ helps to the realization of your projects.

* The incense ‘Woods tea’ protects and purifies the atmosphere. He is in favor of healing.

* Tibetan Incense accompanies during moments of deep and spiritual meditation.

* Tibetan Incense Valley raises the vibratory rate to the level of the sacred. It purifies the habitat. It is used for moments of relaxation, and is associated with the natural.

* Frankincense with linden tree eliminates the negative thoughts projected by the entourage. It is lit during special requests. It protects the habitat, brings luck, love and promotes sleep.

* Tiwanee incense is used to meditate. It brings a deep calm and cleans the atmosphere. He opens the doors of other worlds. It also releases burdens of attachment.

* Thyme incense restores emotional balance.

* The ‘Tuberose’ incense is used to facilitate contact with the higher spheres.

* Tutti-Frutti incense relieves depression. It relaxes the‘atmosphere.


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