Incense properties – From V to Z


Incense properties. From V to Z.

* Vanilla incense stimulates the body and mind. It increases the concentration, helps to easily assimilate the information, that is why it is advisable to use it during intellectual works, preparations for exams, etc. It develops the desire for love and brings luck. He fights depression and impulsive attitudes.

* Valkimi incense is relaxing.

* Varuni incense connects with your deep self. It helps to overcome the trials of existence, and generates a sense of well-being and fullness.

* Vatican incense is used for severe and difficult cases. It is associated with deep recollection and death. He purifies the space.

* Venus incense is a planetary incense. It is related to all the work related to the hours, the days, and this planet. It facilitates sentimental encounters. It soothes conflict and strengthens love. It is associated with joy, sensuality, passion, romance, pleasure.

* Verveine incense brings love and protection. It is associated with money, youth, chastity, sleep and healing. He removes melancholy and sadness.

* Vetiver incense promotes concentration. It refreshes and calms the atmosphere. He brings love, luck, money and wealth. He fights emotional negativity. He elevates magnetism.

* Black Madonna Incense is associated with healing and fertility. It is an ideal complement for novenas and candles.

* Violet incense brings protection, love and luck. It is associated with peace, vows and healing. He works with the family to bring harmony and understanding. It is advisable to use it after a trauma, because it is powerful to reverse the cases of depression and to calm the deep psychic wounds..

* Visha Shanti incense helps to deflect evil thoughts from the mind.

* Visco Incense is used for divination sessions. You can also make requests (such as the fulfillment of certain dreams, the increase of good energies, etc …). It is used by druids because it is a powerful regenerator. It is advisable in the work of material and emotional cure.

* Worth incense refreshes the atmosphere.

* Ylang Ylang incense relaxes the atmosphere. It is aphrodisiac and anti-stress. It increases self-confidence, clairvoyance and all psychic gifts. It balances the nervous system. In Indonesia, Ylang Ylang is considered the flower of flowers. It is a powerful aphrodisiac that allows you to feel pleasure and to take into account your own sensuality.

* Yule incense is used for ceremonies December 21, Yule day.

*Zimbro incense (Brazilian shrub) brings transcendence and renovation.


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