Meditation on karma


This meditation aims to witness the birth and fainting of thoughts and feelings.

What is the connection to feelings and karma…?
Thoughts and feelings are conditioned by instincts. Observing your thoughts and feelings gives you insight into how karma operates in the mind .

How to?

1) The position.
First, sit comfortably and have your back straight. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. See how an expiration causes the inspiration that follows. If you exhale hard, you inhale hard. If you exhale slowly, inhale slowly.


2)Your mental state.
Observe your thoughts and feelings that cross your mind. Do not judge them, just be satisfied to see them appear and disappear. Try to determine if a thought has been created by the previous one(s), like inspiration after an expiration. Examine how your thoughts are determining each other.

3) Usual negative trend.
Do you often get angry? Aggressive? Concentrate on this usual negative trend. Know that your mind is surely familiar with such negative feelings. His « habit » is to react like that. In addition to hurting you, you are hurting others, and generating karma that will cause you to experience these negative feelings again. It’s up to you to play decide to break this karmic cycle . Make a promise to breathe slowly, deeply, to calm yourself the next time you feel anger, aggression, and so on. You will find that you will not be angry as easily as before after repeating this exercise.

4) Mental experiences.
Now you are invited to trace your mental experiences starting with what happened in this morning and going back every day, weeks, months, years. Be careful not to get lost in your memories! What is the purpose of this exercise? Simply to understand that your thoughts and feelings have a cause and effect.
Example: When you remember an incident that previously caused you grief, you are grieved. Even if this memory is ten years old, see how it still affects you today…


5) Question.
Ask yourself if these old thoughts are part of what you are now. If they decide what you have become.

6) Karma and past lives.
Your personality and experiences in today’s life are determined by the karma of your previous lives. At the moment of death, the ‘me‘ (your personality) disappears, but the karma that he created subsists to shape the personality of the next life, yours.

7) Breathe…
Watch your breathing again, and focus on how an inspiration expires. Meditate on it for a few minutes before resuming your usual activities.


Advice: Make sure you act calmly and peacefully. Create a good karma. For you, for your surroundings, and for your future lives. You can repair your mistakes in past lives, or in your past.

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