What is Reincarnation?


What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation, or ‘back in the flesh’, refers to the process in which an immaterial and individual principle (soul, vital substance, individual consciousness, energy, or spirit) accomplishes successive life passages. in different bodies.

Are these bodies always chosen according to their nature (humans, animals, plants, etc.) or can it vary?

This differs according to the theories. Sometimes a soul can reincarnate in an animal although it was previously embodied in a human body.

When is the body changing?

At death, the soul leaves the physical body and lodges in a new ‘habitat’ at the birth of an animal, a human or a plant.

The subject of reincarnation brings about previous, previous lives. According to the beliefs, the way we behaved in our previous lives has created karma, which remains in our present life. It is therefore very interesting to know what our previous lives were in order to know what was good and / or bad in us and to be able to ‘fix’ our mistakes.


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