Properties of Tiger Eye


The Tiger Eye is a stone with shimmering and iridescent colors. Shades: golden yellow to brown.

Energy: projective.

Planet: Sun.

Element: Fire.

Associated Chakras: All.

Like the tiger, the stone embodies strength, power and protection. It provides physical and mental flexibility.



* It overcomes shyness.

* It provides courage.

* It associates terrestrial and solar energies: thus, it raises its carrier to a certain vibratory level.

* It attracts spiritual energies to Earth.

Warning! The Tiger’s Eye can have a mirror effect: negative energies are reflected towards its transmitter: it makes people aware of the harm that is inflicted and makes it suffer in return..

* It is a great protector.

* It increases prosperity.

* It attracts money.

* It can help its wearer to reach a state of consciousness such that he can see the future, or even live his previous lives (if it is associated with rituals).

* It helps to overcome the difficult trials of life..

* It allows not to lose hope.


* It strengthens bones and joints.

* It promotes healing of bone fractures..

* Associated with amber, it soothes shortness of breath and asthma attacks..

* It strengthens the energy of the liver.

* It slows the spread of bacteria in case of infection.

* It is favorable to digestion.

* It balances the blood sugar level.

* It acts positively on the blood circulation and on the reproductive system.

* It relieves cramps in the lower abdomen

6054_tigre o soleil

How can we use this stone?

It will protect its holder. It can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, earring, it can also be put in your pocket, or in your bag. It is generally used as a talisman against curses or evil spells. It can also be placed above the door of your house to drive out negative energies.

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