Rune reading

Runes are alphabet characters used as divination support. In past times, they were primitive communication letters of the northern tribes of Europe. Their discovery dates back to 2000 years BC. They were well preserved in caves. Charged with meaning and energy due to their successive uses across generations, they have ceased to be mere alphabetic characters. These are symbols that now carry the voices of nature and spirits. They talk to the consultant and tell him everything he wants to know accurately and definitely …

Know about the runes

Runes are old alphabetical letters. They were for a very long time the means of expression of the Germanic, Celtic and Scandinavian peoples. The runes have become over the transmission between generations and times, a divinatory alphabet. Ask them about your doubts, your actions, your destiny, your path …
The runes allow you to access the knowledge of the mysteries of nature. They are endowed with a huge mystical potential and are able to reveal dormant gifts in the open.
These small stones engraved with particular signs are considered as representing the essence, the origin of life, the very meaning of life on earth.


Runes reading

There are two ways to read the runes.

The yes-no.
This is the classic reading.

Trends reading
This draw can predict the daily not too far. The consultation can be daily or weekly. In the first case, the goal is to know the fate of the day, good or bad. To do so, a rune stone is drawn randomly. The selected stone is returned and the engraved symbol unveils its message. The draw is weekly and is intended to have predictions on the course of the week. Seven rune stones, which correspond to the seven days of the week, will be drawn. They must be positioned from left to right, one next to the other. This arrangement makes it possible to read the whole message.


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