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Halloween origins

Halloween origins


Tonight is Halloween. Discover the origin and traditions associated with this celebration and become an expert in the matter!

* Origins…

Halloween was a religious celebration. Of English origin, this word Halloween is the abbreviation of All Hallows Eve, translated by ‘the eve of All Saints’. Hallow comes from the word Holy, which means ‘Saint’..



The Halloween party is, basically, a pagan celebration: it is a Celtic celebration in honor of the Samhain (God of death). This celebration is also celebrated in honor of Pomona, Roman goddess of fruit and trees..

Black and orange, colors symbolizing Halloween, combine the two ideas of death and harvest.

* Why dress up?

The Celts used to dress in frightening clothes so as to look like demons. Thus, the demons could not harm them. They put on these disguises when they danced around the fire lit by the druids to guide the spirits.

* What does the pumpkin represent?

The origin of the pumpkin dug to become a lantern is once again Celtic! !

The English and the Irish, they dug beets, turnips or even potatoes to make their lantern.

When the custom gained the United States, the pumpkins were reused.


* Irish legend about the pumpkin…

A certain Jack, an Irishman, could not go to heaven when he died. Indeed, he was too stingy. He couldn’t go to hell either because he was too bad jokes about the Devil during his lifetime. He was then condemned to wander all around the earth accompanied by his lantern. So he gave his name to the Lantern, Jack-O’Lanterns.

The English custom at Halloween was: families gathered around the fire and told stories. They ate apples and hazelnuts, which is why Halloween night was formerly called ‘the night of the nutcracker’ or ‘the night of the crunchy apple’. The poor received cakes called ‘spirit cakes’ that day.

* Speaking of spirit…

It is said that during Halloween night, the ghosts come out of their tombs … Indeed: this is the moment when the barrier between the world of the living and that of the dead is the finest, communications are therefore easier…

* A Magic night ?

The night of October 31, the energies are at their maximum. This is why many protection rituals are practiced, because magic is greatly facilitated. (See the article ‘Halloween traditionss’)

* Halloween today.

Tonight, you can be sure to come across some little devils and little ghosts pacing your alleys cheerfully asking for « candy or a spell! » « . The Halloween party is now recognized as a children’s party rather than a religious holiday.

* What to do on Halloween?

It’s time to dress up and collect as many treats as possible! Otherwise, you can always disguise your dog.

halloween dog

Happy Halloween!!

But, for the curious and the lovers of the tradition, here are some superstitions and other rituals recommended on Halloween night … See this article: Halloween traditions.

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