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Halloween Traditions

halloween traditions and customs

Tonight, you can be sure to come across some little devils and little ghosts pacing your alleys cheerfully asking for « candy or a spell! » Because the Halloween party is now recognized as a children’s party rather than a religious holiday.

But, for the curious and lovers of tradition, here are some superstitions and other rituals recommended on Halloween night…

halloween pumpkins

It is strongly advised not to wash your sheets on All Saints’ Day. An old superstition says that when a woman washes her sheets on All Saints’ Day or Holy Week, she was condemned to prepare her shroud.

Before going to bed, it was customary to leave food on the table for the deceased. Leaving a place at the table was also polite and welcoming.

halloween traditions

Lighting a log in the fireplace was used to heat the room for the deceased.

* How to protect a place?

To protect a place, you need:

  • Strawberry or Hawthorn powder incense.
  • Himalayan Salt.
  • A blue candle.

(1) Burn the incense and place the salt in front of the candle. Pass your hands in the smoke of incense and recite three times’ In the Cosmic order and by the love of the Great Divine, I ask and I receive the protection of my house. I drive out any negative wave and I purify the places by the purifying incense and I prevent any negative intrusion by the salt consecrated. I ask and I receive divine protection from my home and its inhabitants. So be it. Thank you.’

(2) You can now spread the salt around your house. If it is an apartment, spread it on your doormat in front of the entrance or along the groove of the passage of your door. Don’t forget the outside windowsills. Let the candle burn to the end.

(3) When the candle is out, remember to put it under tap water before throwing it away.


And There you go! Now that your home is purified,

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halloween superstitions

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